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Khrysti Hill

Birthday: July 24,1984
Stats: 36DD-26-44
Height: 5'4
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Ethnicity: African American
Profession: Model

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Interview with Khrysti Hill ('07)


How did you get started in the business?

Khrysti Hill: My start came from a guy by the name of Derrick Blakely who took shots of me that were circulated throughout the internet. They had a decent buzz and I went from there to shoot for several publications. Then i started my website ''.

Have you been treated any different from men since modelling? If so whats is the difference?

Khrysti Hill: I have received a lot of love from men and women who respect the modelling game. I do realize that I do have potential to do something great with it! I have yet to get any bad vibes for trying to conquer this business!

Do you get the time to try and have a serious relationship?

Khrysti Hill:I am intrigued at the thought of being happy and completely in love. Im young and realize that I have my whole life in front of met to experience that. Now just isn't the time but it will come.

Do you think guys are intimidated to talk to you?

Khrysti Hill: I do think that guys who may not be up for the challenge of being with a young woman on the move are a little intimidated to talk to me. There is nothing wrong with a little convo though fellas! I'm cool and very laidback!

How would you describe your overall personality?

Khrysti Hill: My overall personality is crazy/sexy/cool! Im extremely laid back and also personable!

What would you consider your greatest physical asset?

Khrysti Hill: Greatest physical asset is my smile! The measurements help too [36DD-26-44]

Anything special you would like to say to your fans? ?

Khrysti Hill: I'd like to tell all my fans that I greatly appreciate the support and love. I will make sure to try and always make it interesting and intriguing for you. All my love and keep in touch!

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The lovely Khrysti Hill was born in Mississippi and grew up in Toledo and Columbus Ohio. Khrysti describes herself as not being a girlygirl and used to hang out with the guys. She liked to do sports in school and thats when her amazing body started to develop. As far as she can remember, she has had this body since the 11th grade. She also never ever remembers having a training bra or wearing an A or B sized bra. Wow.

Despite Khrysti probably considered 'built' for modelling, she didnt take it seriously until she did her first photoshoot for Show Magazine. She went on to create her website and things jumped off from there. She was voted the 2006 Webgirl of the Year in King Magazine. The fans of Khrysti know what she brings to the table and so does she. In a King Magazine interview back in May'06 Khrysti said [Who else do you know has this ridiculous shape? Double Ds, and a small waist,an ass and its all 100 percent real?]

Khrysti Hill recently has been seen in SHOW Black Lingerie.

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