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Kitti Kouture

Name: Kitrea Jackson
BirthSign: Libra
Stats: 32-25-43
Height: 5'7
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Ethnicity: Multiracial
Profession: Model


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Kitti Kouture

Interview with Kitti Kouture

Kitti Kouture1

Where are you from?

Kitti Kouture: Well I now reside in maryland (DMV) but im just a lil southern girl from Columbia,SC

What is your ethnic background?

Kitti Kouture: Black,German,Filipino,Native American

What are your measurements?

Kitti Kouture: Measurements are 32-26-43

How often do you workout?

Kitti Kouture: At least three times a week,I try to keep up with it even though I seem to get lazy.

Who do you look up to most in the industry?

Kitti Kouture: That is so easy for me to answer. I would have to say Dollicia Bryant, she just has been on the scene everywhere and on her grind in this industry and I respect her hustle.

What was your most memorable shoot?

Kitti Kouture: I will never forget the shoot I did with C.E. Wiley studios, because we were getting so many looks done in so little time! Literally I had a different look every 20 min and then it was off to the airport. Thats what I call dedication, and determination.

Have you been in any music videos?

Kitti Kouture: Yes ......
Mullyman- She hurtin'em (MTV)
Kingpenslim-Party all the Time (MTV)
Black Cobain and Fattrel- Air Force (so fly)
Ready Rob-and redman and method man-How bout that
Brinx Billions-Put in that Work

What do you think is your best physical attribute?

Kitti Kouture2Kitti Kouture: My lips and my hips, thats what I always get compliments on so yeah.

What are some of you current projects?

Kitti Kouture: Well right now im working on my website you can check out my splash page at I also have alot of amazing shoots coming up so you'll just have to wait to see the outcome.

What are some of your future goals?

Kitti Kouture: I use to dance when i was a little girl. I did ballet and tap, so I want to get back into the choreographed dancing its something I love to do and it keeps me in shape. Also I plan on going back to school to get my degree in fashion design. Thats definately my passion.

How would you best describe your personality?

Kitti Kouture: Im the social girl who loves to interact with the crowd and I seem to keep a balance because Im so neutral with people. I like to have fun and live life to the fullest,i may have my mellow days but I still got the mind of a hustler.

What are some of your turn-ons and turnoffs?

Kitti Kouture: turn-ons - confidence,personality,intelligence and style
turn-offs- Bad hygiene, disrespectful, and a guy with no goals

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?

Kitti Kouture: Not to sound crazy but i like collecting Brass Knuckles .....enough said about that !!!! (HARDCORE CUTIE)

*Special Thanks to C.E.Wiley for the interview

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Hello my name is Kitrea(Kitti Kouture)Jackson I am currently living in Washington,DC and I was raised in South Carolina. Im looking to network and build my port with professionals in this modeling industry to market myself in a positive way. My measurements are background is black,indian,german,and filipino.

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