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Birthday: March 4,1984
Stats: 34DD-26-38
Height: 5'7
Hometown: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: Multiracial
Profession: Model-TV Personality


Interview with Myammee (I Love Money 2 Winner)


Myammee congrats on winning I love Money 2. We have to ask, who sponsored your lingerie because they were hot!

Myammee: Thanks, Well I didn't have a sponsor but I did purchase all my lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood. They had a crazy sale at the time besides it always fit me great. I really hate giving out free advertisement but I love Fredericks they always have something nice to fit these big boobies and my small butt. LOL But I might be their new competition when my Lingerie line comes out.

How did your hair stay in place for every show? Your look was pretty. Also how did you change hairstyles so quickly?

Myammee: Thank You. Well I just gave out my lingerie secret NOW you know I can't out my hair secret. What I can say is that I'm coming out with all that information later on this year. I'm waiting on all my legal business to get right, then the world would know all of Myammee's hair secrets. :)

Your makeup is flawless! What makeup do you use?

Myammee: OK, now. damn...LOL Naw MAC is the shit. I love it. I did my own makeup on the show because in Mexico they didn't have makeup or hair people. But I had to kept myself up out there in all that heat.

Was there anyone hitting on you on the show like Budha, IT,Taylor or even Craig?

Myammee: Well you named almost all them, LOL. But just like the Vegas commercials say, What happened in Mexico will stay there.

Seems like you and Saphyri's dislike for each other was very strong and mutual. Why all the hate?

Myammee: I don't have a clue, maybe she was jealous because I wore lingerie and she had to wear pajamas and was mad because it was too damn hot to wear pajamas in Mexico. But who knows child. NEXT.........

What are you doing with that $250,000?

Myammee: At this very moment I haven't cashed my check yet. I look at it everyday to remind me how hard work pays off. I wanna have everything right before I cash it but I am gone do what I said I was, that's a definite.

What was your most difficult challenge on the show?

Myammee: Besides the final challenge in that round tube on that water trail with lord knows what was in that water......; But the most difficult challenge had to be holding and hanging on to damn orange lifesaver over that water. It hurted like hell. I had an imprint on my arms and legs for like 2days and when I dropped in that water from hanging on, I had a bruise that lasted for like 4 days on the back of my legs. I was sore too long after that challenge.

Who is your favorite singer, actress, actor , rapper?

Myammee3Myammee: My favorite singer(s) has to be the old Destiny Child plus the transformation D.C group and including Beyonce whole solo career even up unto her new song "Ego". I can listen to all those CD's without skipping any songs.

Favorite Actress has to be LisaRaye because she is the only one that I can think of who came from doing video's to movies then staring in a sitcom and can still do videos to this day if she wants to, which she has done.

I have a few favorite actors. The first has to be Al Pacino in "Scarface". He was so believable that I feel like there would be a sequel one of these days and get out of that water in his house fountain....LOL.. Also Redman and Method Man in "How High" that's like one of my fav's that I watch it and still laugh. I have to add Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn with they crazy ass.

I have favorite female and male rappers. So my female rappers of course are Trina then Kim. My male rappers are Plies, Ross, Trick, Gucci its so many more.

Where do you live now?

Myammee: I currently reside in Atlanta.

Whats your exercise routine?

Myammee: Well at one point I did hire a trainer because I tend to get lazy, but like right now I'm lazy so I'm on a get thick plan, LOL....

Whats your favorite color?

Myammee: I would have to say White then Green.

Did you enjoy the shoot you did for the current Blackmen Magazine?

Myammee: Yeah the shoot was cool. I'm just a lil upset that they spelled my name wrong as "MyaMee" intead of "MyaMMee". I always try to tell people that its a double M and a double E; and of course us females always find something wrong wit our pics that others might not see, but other than that I enjoyed the actual shoot in Jamaica that day.

Are you cool with any of the other reality stars featured in the issue?

Myammee: Well, I dont speak to nan one of them on a regular basis, but if I see them and they speak, I have no problem with showing respect as long as they do the same. While we were in Jamaica I did speak to Rabbit, Cashmere and Stiltz and they seem straight to me.

Whats next for Myammee? Will we see a I Love Myammee in the future?

Myammee: I mean you might see a Myammee Love Show, you know, who knows whats in store for me but what I can say is that, this is not the end. Like I told y'all last time this is not the last you'll see me, materfact, I GUARANTEE THAT or your money back, LOL. Just keep a eye and a ear out and before you know it, there I am again and again. Luv ya..MUAH!!!!!

1st Interview after Flavor of Love 3


Where are you from?

Myammee: I grew up in Liberty City for those who don't know where that's at, it's located in the heart of Miami Dade County.

What is your ethnic background?

Myammee: My ethnicity is Black(Dad) of course but with a Bahamian, American Indian and White(Mom) twist to it. Some people say oh, "everyone as American Indian and White in them", I say they can't trace it or see it unless they say Great-Great a million times.

How did you get discovered?

Myammee: I went to a casting call in Atlanta at this comedy club. They asked me a few questions, I was myself and answered them the way I would have normally done. Then, before I knew it I got picked to do the show. It happened so fast I couldn't believe it.

Your body is Bangin. What are your measurements and what do you do to stay in shape?

Myammee: Thanks, I think I'm Hot too LoL, My measurements are 34,26,38. I eat lots of Balsamic Vinaigrette salads and I drink lots of water. My work out I can;t give that out, It's a secret. :)

What do you consider as your best physical attribute and why?

Myammee: My best attribute would have to be my face features. No, I mean my boobs. No, I mean my legs, OK my whole body. LOL

Would you ever consider posing for Playboy?

Myammee: You know what? Everybody is asking me that. I don't know, maybe? maybe not? I think the nude thing is getting to me but If I can do implied nude I would definitely do it without hesitating.

What was it like being on Flavor of Love 3?

Myammee: It was a great experience. I learned alot of things about myself. I got to do some things that I never thought I would do, like skydiving.

What was it like to skydive?

Myammee2Myammee: Oh my God!! It was sooooo scary. Just looking down at the clouds and ground from that plane door freaked me out. The guy who was on my back had to push me out because I couldn't do it. Even though it was scary it was so beautiful while we floated with the parachute was open. We were gliding and all i can see is the ground, clouds and I heard noting. I was a beautiful and frightening experience.

What was Flavor Flav like?

Myammee: He was cool. I mean, he was Flav but he had this swagg I thought he wouldn't have. The only problem I had with Flav is with the lip gloss situation.

Did you feel you were ever getting a connection with Flavor Flav?

Myammee: Yes. Me and Flav were connecting very well. I saw him when he woke up, when he got home from dates and I seen him before he went to sleep. Everybody in that house knew he was feeling me because he kept my name in his mouth. That's why they ganged up on me to get me out the house.

Has being on the show changed things in your life?

Myammee: It has shown me that things does happen for a reason. You might not know why at the moment but later you would appreciate it. For example I'm happy I got eliminated, because he would've embarrassed me too by proposing to his baby mama. I also learned Karma is a B****. Everybody who ganged up on me and was left in the house after I left, got embarrassed when they got eliminated. I have lots of young girls looking up to me now so now I watch what I say and do.

In your opinion, was there any girl on the show whom you believed Flav was genuinely interested in?

Myammee: Hell no!!!! When I was in the house there was no competition for him to even try to be genuinely interested in nobody else. Ya'll must've forgot, I was kicked off NOT because he wasn't interested in all my gorgeous-exquisite qualities, BUT because he was afraid from that threatening-bogus-fake phone call.

Who are some of your friends from the show?

Myammee: I won't say I have friends, but I'll use the word "Cool Girls". The "Cool Girls" to me were Saint Lewis, Grayvee, Tic, Bee-X and that's about it.

Who couldn't you stand to be around?

Myammee: I couldn't stand to be around none of them but I had too. The girls were so Flaw! (Miami Term-meaning: Corney, Whack, etc) We had team challenges so I had to play the game for a while and be all fake around them just so I can win dates with Flav.

Has appearing on the show been worth it to you financially?

Myammee: Yes, it has. Thank God!!! All that drama paid off. I have been very blessed with all the financial increase from being on the show. Especially, with all the upcoming blessings I'm about to receive. That's why I have no regrets on doing the show. I'll do it all over again- the same EXACT way.

What are some of the projects you are working on?

Myammee: Right now, I am in the new issue of King Magazine (June/July). That was so much fun and I was so scared because it was "KING". I'm going over a couple of scripts and about to this documentary. I cant say for who, but it's a great story line. I got so much other things going on but when they are final and completed that's when i can talk about them. I'm am so blessed right now I feel like I'm dreaming.

Anything special you would like to say to your fans?

Myammee: I think out of all the girls from the season, I think I have more fans and my fans are the most supportive and loving. Especially my female fans, they don't hate, they congratulate and complement me all the time. I thought i was going to have more male fans than female but its about the same amount. I just wanna say to them: I appreciate all the love and support and I'm gonna keep doing me and do it to the fullest so yall can be proud to be supporting me. This is not the end for me. I love all of you and without ya'll there's no Myammee.

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Myammee, born Angela Pitts on March 4, 1984 in the county of Miami-Dade. She grew up in "Da City" Liberty City for those of you who don't know. She graduated from Miami Jackson Senior High School in the spring of 2002. Then, the fall of 2002 she enrolled at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University is what "They" call it. FAMU is where she grew into and experienced alot of things that would develop her for this life after college. She finally graduated Fall 2006 with a Public Relations Bachelors Degree along with a Minor in Business. The following year she decided to move to the ATL. This is where she wanted to experience a different and better life for myself. A few months after moving to the new city, she went to the casting for Flavor of Love 3. There 'Myammee' was born. *courtesy

When watching Flavor of Love 3 ever since episode 1, I thought Myammee was hot. She looked good and wasnt afraid to let you know. Making sure you knew her measurements 34-26-38. But after seeing more of her, you can see she was down to earth as well. I must say, I was upset when Flav let her go because it meant we couldnt see more of her. Well I guess you cant have it all sometimes.

Since Flav wasnt her focus on FOL3, Myammee quickly focused her attention on making some money in I Love Money 2. When I first heard Myammee was going to be on the show, the first thing I thought was, please dont get eliminated. TV Land needs to see someone as good looking as her. Myammee didnt disappoint and she even spiced up the night by wearing sexy lingerie for every elimination - What a treat!

Even though Myammee maintained her eyecandy status, she was focused and determined to come out the winner. Through her hard work, strong aliances and prompt decision making, Myammee won I Love Money 2 and the $250,000 grand prize! CC has nothing but love for Myammee and we caught up with Myammee for the second time to talk about her experience.

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