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Roxy Milan

BirthSign: Aries
Stats: 36-25-42
Height: 5'4
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Ethnicity: Black/West Indian
Profession: Model


Interview with Roxy Milan

Roxy Milan1

Where are you from?

Roxy Milan: I'm from Memphis, but reside in Atlanta.

What is your ethnic background?

Roxy Milan: West Indian and Black

What are your measurements?

Roxy Milan: 36-25-42 and a half

What do you think is your best physical attribute?

Roxy Milan: My eyes.

What are some of your current projects?

Roxy Milan: I am on the Cover for Straight Stuntin issue #20 and on the Cover of DC based Touch Magazine and am also in the recent issue of Smooth Live From Jamaica.

What are some of your goals you want to accomplish?

Roxy Milan: I will like to be featured in movies so I am now taking the necessary steps to make it happen!

What type of projects are you most interested in?

Roxy Milan: Movies interest me the most!

How would you best describe your personality?

Roxy Milan2 Roxy Milan: Very straight to the point!

What was it like shooting for Smooth Mag?

Roxy Milan: It was painful haha! Seriously it was, I had to pose on sticks and was getting poked by tree branches left and right, as you can see in the mag I had the jungle theme!

What was your most memorable shoot or show that you have done?

Roxy Milan: My most memorable shoot was both my shoot in Jamaica and my shoot for Straight Stuntin' DJ Kay Slay had me posing on the roof top in cold ol' New York weather.. Jeesh lol!

What type of music do you like to listen to?

Roxy Milan: Hip-Hop

What is the one thing that a person can get or do for you that you find extremely flattering?

Roxy Milan: I'm not easily flattered !

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?

Roxy Milan: People would be surprised to know that I hate taking pictures!

What are some of your turns-ons and turn-offs.

Roxy Milan: I strongly dislike bad teeth and bad breath! I also dislike when a man tries to hard and always showing off! Some of the things I do like that turns me on is a well dressed man and one who is very intelligent! I love that!

Where else can we see you other than Cutiecentral?

Roxy Milan: Please visit and all the links to my social sites are on there.

Any special words for your fans?

Roxy Milan: I just want to let everyone know that I am so grateful for all of the support I been receiving lately! Thanks to all!

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Roxy Milan of Atlanta, Georgia is a person made for this industry. Her determination, intelligence and drive are among some of her great qualities. Roxy Milan stand at 5'4'' with a build of 36-25-42, which she carries perfectly on her 5'4'' frame and weight of 130lbs. Roxy is not just a Model and Actress, who have been building in both professions since 2009.

As a scholar Roxy theatre, cameras and bright lights caught her attention. After sparking interest in high school as she participated in the Drama Club. After which she continued her education at The University of Memphis; she then transferred to Art Institute of Atlanta to pursue video productions. Her desire to be in front of a camera, unique talents and consistent work attracted the attention of Photographers, magazines and her own list of fans/supporters. Since then Roxy Milan been featured on various online and printed men's interest magazines, modeling websites, videos, and radio interviews.

Visually Roxy has appeared in various videos to show her talents. Roxy Milan has appeared in the following videos: Y.C. Ft Future – "Racks"; Roscoe Dash – "Pretty Girl Anthem"; and several Gorilla Zoe videos. Roxy Milan has also ventured into movies as she makes and appearance in "Video Girl" Staring Maegan Good. In addition to the on camera appearances she has been featured as XXL "Web Candy Of The Month" and featured in Smooth Girl Magazine Jamaica Edition among multiple online features and interviews.

Roxy Milan is currently looking forward to extending her portfolio to include even more Clothing Designers, Photographers, Stylist, Recording Artist, and additional television and/or movie rolls. Currently Roxy Milan is taking her Modeling career to another level. Roxy is signed to Tawag Models & Talent Management. In addition she has hired the assistance of Tawag Promotions ( to handle her promotion, Marketing & PR.

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