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Shayna Kelly

BirthSign: Leo
Stats: 34-26-37
Height: 5'6
Hometown: South Holland, IL
Ethnicity: African American
Profession: Model


Interview with Shayna Kelly

Shayna Kelly1

Where are you from?

Shayna Kelly: I'm from Chicago a.k.a The Windy City.

What is your ethnic background?

Shayna Kelly: I'm African American.

What are your measurements?

Shayna Kelly: 34-26-37

What do you think is your best physical attribute?

Shayna Kelly: My best physical attribute would have to be my butt... I'm small so the fact that it's juicy makes it special because it's not suppose to be :)

What do you do to keep in shape?

Shayna Kelly: Although I already have a slim frame I try to exercise as much as I can to keep in shape.

What are some of your current projects?

Shayna Kelly: I have a couple of Magazines i'm working on but you'll have to stay tuned to see... I'm currently waiting for my spread in Enfluenz Magazine to drop & my spread in Chi Grind Magazine... For the month of June look out for me on the Cover of Vixens Magazine.

What are some of your goals you want to accomplish?

Shayna Kelly: One of my goals is to be able to say that i'm Internationally Published. I also want to get into acting and be in a major film.

We see you have alot of beautiful tattoos, did any of them hurt when you got them?

Shayna Kelly: Of course my tattoos hurt when i got them but i'm a thug so i took it. LoL The one that hurt the least was the cursive writing on my private area.

How would you best describe your personality?

Shayna Kelly2 Shayna Kelly: I think my personality is crazy mixed with passionate and fun.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Shayna Kelly: One of my guilty pleasures is having sex outside.

What was your most memorable shoot or show that you have done?

Shayna Kelly: My most memorable shoot that I've done would have to be when i shot with Femi photography and i did a Handstand in heels.

What type of music do you like to listen to?

Shayna Kelly: I like to listen to R&B and Hip Hop.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?

Shayna Kelly: I think people would be surprised to know that i'm into sports. Basketball & Boxing are my favorite.

What are some of your turns-ons and turn-offs.

Shayna Kelly: What turns me on is a nice physique and smile. What turns me off is a bad attitude and dirty finger nails.

Where else can we see your other than on cutiecentral?

Shayna Kelly: You can find more of my work on: Twitter: @MsRoseKelly...Facebook/Shay Davis... Model Mayhem/ Shayna Kelly #77412

Any words for your fans?

Shayna Kelly: I would like to thank my Promoter Tawag Promotions; I would just like to tell my fans Thank you for being so loyal showing me love on all my social network sites & modeling sites i appreciate you so much and i have so much more in store for u... *Kisses*

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Shayna Kelly is a product of Chicago, also known as "The Windy City". Shayna Kelly's measurements of 34-26-37 stand firmly on her 5'6" frame. With Modeling being her first love, she knew that she was meant to Model once she was approached by Baby Phat Clothing to become a Promotional Model for them. After her experience with Baby Phat, she then joined Model Mayhem which she received a lot of positive feedbacks and follow-ups. And as the old saying goes "The rest is history".

Throughout her modeling career; Shayna has done photo shoots, been in music videos, become a Promotional Model and been published in printed magazines. Some of the publications she has been published in are SkinTones Magazine Issue #3, Black Men Magazine Ink Candy Issue #2, Asis magazine Issue #17 and she has been blessed with the cover of Marcus Chapman "Sex, Time And Radio Vol. 3: The Cult Of Personality".

Now that Shayna Kelly not only have the love for Modeling, but she realize she has to develop her team, explore other opportunities in this industry and figure out the next path in her career as she continue to master the modeling world. Shayna Kelly has contracted the promotional and marketing services of Tawag Promotions. With the addition of Tawag Promotions, she will be more virally known gain more connection/networking with more online and printed publication and also utilize ways to generate income thru her brand.

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