Hoopz photoshoot video

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  1. RANDA KARKABA says:


  2. Lakia says:

    Girl I love 2 take pic’s 2 and work out, thats the shit. If I was in I love money wit u we would b some strong ass competiters on teams right. smile!!!! I live in boring ass Pittsburgh it’s not alot of opportunity”s here 4 foreal. It’s cool though

  3. Lakia says:

    I would like 2 get involved with photo shoots i have a very sexy build

  4. Crissy says:

    foreal though thats a tight flick I would love to get a photo shoot I’m a lil chick but I’ll make it work….:}

  5. tatiana says:

    i juss wanna say i think hoopz is a sexii female i would go out wit her i LOVE YOU HOOPZ

  6. nikki says:

    you are so fucken fine

  7. William Cureton says:

    Hi, your body is so sweet can I drink water from your

    William 801-560-5751

  8. Wyze says:

    Hi Hoopz I think you are a beautiful lady..Keep up the good work ma..The photo shoot is where it’s at.. Get at me..Atlanta Ga.

  9. Caribbean_t&t_girl says:

    Hey chic, nice pics, your really cool, hope u win i love money…

  10. sexyshea11 says:

    ur to cute i just enjoy ur personality

  11. sexyshea11 says:

    i try to check u everywhere

  12. Angela says:

    HOOPZ…. You are SO hot!

  13. kristina says:

    she is beautiful

  14. kya says:


  15. kya says:


  16. mike says:


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  17. stacey brown says:

    girl I wish I didn’t have problems with my self esteem and how I look and I would feel good about myself

  18. stacey brown says:

    man hoopz u just don’t know hoopz how hard it is to get boyfriend its hard hoopz u look good girl.u go girl hoopz god bless

  19. stacey says:

    hey hoopz i know that you was going to win i love money you a strong mind and body preson and real as hell i like that

  20. mj says:

    hey hoopz

    I enjoy watching u on tv. I thought of a tv show that is perfect for you. the premise is that you spend the day with professional atheletes and they do their workouts(weights, diet, cardio etc. You can cover sports like basketball and football. You want to be educated on what it takes to be an pro athelete. The show will finish by both of you making a home made dinner and eating.

    There you go exercise and diet. Who better to host this show than hoopz.

    take care

  21. I want do do a video photoshoot with you hoopz… 323-299-4900 intencemodeling.com YOU ARE HOT!!!!!

  22. John Agathon says:

    Wow, I don’t think I will ever get a woman as hot as this lady, ever.

  23. Duuknmisiwi says:

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  28. Good job and good luck!

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