Ciara Vibe CC Version


Vibin’ Ciara: I originally wasn’t going to post this but what the hay it was a special request. I did the Vibe cover in a bit better quality of the ones already seen around the net. Ok alot better. Its basically a repost but enjoy! Update: I thought there were 6 pictures…I missed one.

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13 Responses to “Ciara Vibe CC Version”

  1. […] just waiting for some hi-res scans of the spread before I posted. Leave it up to the good folks at CC to come through. Damn… Bow Wow lost (50 times). Hit the […]

  2. Smack says:

    I guess if this was considered a publicity stunt, it worked – and should be followed :)

  3. […] If not, now you have.  Not only that, you get to check out the pics from the spread.  Thanks to CutieCentral, always coming though with the eye candy.  Anyhow, Bow Wow continues to take losses this month, […]

  4. […] click here to check out the full photo spread, posted on Cutie Blog. Bookmark […]

  5. DJ Q says:

    Ciara you did that! I knew she was going to pose naked one day. Every actress or singer some gon do it. I’m just waiting on Keyshia Cole Turn.

  6. Dj Boy says:

    Apparently she wasnt really naked, she had underwear on and they photoshopped it off. She wasnt too happy about it.

  7. […] CiCi channels Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. The Vibe cover is old but you know that. More pics here. […]

  8. […] they’re old but I’ll bring these up again: Ciara’s Vibe issue. Go get your wet wipes. (c) […]

  9. Cheral says:

    Ciara looked supa hot in dem pics nt a lot of peeps could pull dat of

  10. Lavonne says:

    Ciara Is a Fake Cause she was born as a boy & now she is a girl cause Bow Wow Broke Up with her cause admitted she was a boy….

  11. […] song is via Rap Up. The picture is from a 2008 Vibe photoshoot. There are more here. You’re welcome) Share this post […]

  12. StAlbans&Jamaica says:

    I wonder who’s the lucky man to have a night with Ciara all night kissing her beautiful luscious legs.

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