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  1. Hunger says:

    Carmel Candy has a sexual charm that’s not extraordinary but it’s moderately unprecedented. She’s profound because her appealing anatomy from top to bottom is naturally elongated and curvaceous simultaneously. She’s more of a complete package woman than the sum of her parts physically. She’s surely 100% primed eye candy. I like that. ^^

  2. MacMizzle says:

    I’ve seen Caramel Candy on another website, and Im definitely a fan. She’s bad!!

  3. Squidoo says:

    Amazing blog post!

  4. Gillian the Barmaid says:

    A good apology, Im sorry for calling your whistling, street harassment,cat calls and wolf whistles which is none of the above. I’m sorry for making you a criminal just because of something as trivial,inoffensive and harmless as looking at my bosom and cleavage and telling me how how lovely it looks.

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