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Tia Velis: Check out this Tia Velis shoot by photographer JoeYGunZ. Here is a little something about Tia.

Measurements – 5’4”, 115, 32D-24-39

Fresh face model Tia Velis is a self-proclaimed nomad.  She spent the first 12 years of her life in seven different countries in Africa and Canada before returning to the US to plant roots in Florida.  “Now, I have transplanted to Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is home and I love it.”

Tia decided to give modeling ago after tending bar and hosting events as she worked her way through school.  “Bartending and hosting was so much fun, but I figured there had to be more so I decided to give modeling a go. I’m still fairly new, but I appreciate the challenge and I fancy myself as a fast learner.”

Tia’s hobbies include traveling, exercise, yoga and walking her English bulldog. “I am a career student who loves to cook. I’m a goddess in the kitchen”

This young, ambitious, exotic bombshell is eager to leave her mark on the world.  Follow her on Instagram @TiaVelis.

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  1. Hunger says:

    Tia Velis is fucking hot! She is already a goddess just on looks alone…if she’s a goddess in the kitchen too…I think she just stole my heart. <3

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