Briana Ray

The Panamanian Princess

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Name: Briana Ray/ B Ray
BirthSign: Virgo
Stats: 36-26-43
Height: 5’7
Hometown: Panama City, Panama
Ethnicity: Panamanian/Black
Profession: Model

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The sexy Briana Ray aka B Ray the Panamanian Princess has been making huge waves this year. She has worked with famed photographer D.Brown. You know D.Brown knows what sexy is so he made sure to shoot with B Ray. B Ray has also appeared in VBlazin and Straight Stuntin magazine.She has also been featured on Dynastyseries.


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Interview with Briana Ray

brianaray021Where are you from?

B Ray: Panama City, Panama

What is your ethnic background?

B Ray: Panamanian/Black

What are your measurements?

B Ray: 36-26-43

What do you think is your best physical attribute?

B Ray: My eyes so i’ve heard LOL

What are some of your goals you want to accomplish?

B Ray: I love modeling and just being in front of the camera comes naturally but I plan to venture into acting and i’m also working on a clothing line;-) stay tuned.

We must say, we love your shoots with photog D.Brown.What was your most memorable shoot with him?

B Ray: My most memorable shoot with D.Brown had to be the first shoot I was very comfortable and he was very professional but showed he had a sense of humor he is a great photographer.

How would you best describe your personality?

 B Ray: I’m very outspoken and slightly goofy at times im just a woman thats comfortable in her own skin and ready for WHATEVER.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

B Ray: Mmmmmmm I would say I love the sound of sensual sexual music. It takes my mind away and I will just say I don’t have to have my partner there to create a scene for myself;-)

Who do you look up to most in the modeling industry?

B Ray: There are a few but to name one I would say Melissa Ford I love her essence of class and drive to push on to market her name not only as a model but as an actor host and still striving to do things despite of the negativity that comes within the industry. I love the drive just awesome.

What music is bangin’ in your car right now?brianaray022

B Ray: Tank.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?

B Ray: I love animals and i’m not boojie like people think I am when they see me. Once you start talking to me you will see im one of the silliest down to earth chic you ever want to meet!

What are some of your turns-ons and turn-offs.

B Ray: I love a man that’s family oriented that tells alot about him as person. Turn-off bad breath and dirty shoes ugh no naw and hell no.

Where else can we see your other than on cutiecentral?

B Ray:,

Any words for your fans?

B Ray: Yes I want to thank all of you that support me and you definitely see more of me because B.Ray is in the Building BABY!

Interview conducted 2012

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