Top 50 Cuties

The top 50 cuties are a highlight of 2013-14 based on popularity, profile views, fan requests and all around sex appeal. The number order doesn’t reflex who looks better or popular but rather it’s who made the list. So without making a fuss I have added numbers just for the sake of it. Don’t be upset if your favorite model isn’t up here. Make sure to vote for the next top 50!


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Olivia Jenson

[dropcaps round=”yes”]50 [/dropcaps] Olivia Jensen the lovely and curvy model for and PAWG showing you can be healthy and curvy in this size 2 world.


Sincerely Isyss

[dropcaps round=”yes”]49 [/dropcaps]Sincerely Isyss always hits you hard with her sexy poses and amazing physique. She is 5’11 worth of sexy! Featured on Blackmen, Ggurls.


Jessenia Vice

48 Sincerely Isyss

[dropcaps round=”yes”]48 [/dropcaps]Jessenia Vice has been building a solid brand for years. Shes been on Maxim, SHOW Magazine and several other websites.

Crystal Renay

47 Crystal Renay

[dropcaps round=”yes”]47 [/dropcaps]Crystal Renay a featured model from famed photographer Suliman Hasan caught alot of eyes at the end of the year. Quickly featured on DynastySeries and others, the future is bright.


Helena Capers

[dropcaps round=”yes”]46 [/dropcaps]Helena Capers has been featured on DynastySeries and also make a few sexy videos for her new website.


Renee Leslie

[dropcaps round=”yes”]45 [/dropcaps]Renee Leslie formerly known as Renee G as been a hot commodity for obvious reasons. She has a huge following.


Janet Lissette

[dropcaps round=”yes”]44 [/dropcaps]Janet Lissette the AAD Cutie has hit us up plenty with her sexy poses and flawless look.


Ashley Z

[dropcaps round=”yes”]43 [/dropcaps]BBD says – Never trust a big butt and a smile but Ashley Zee throws that out the door. Shes hot!


Heather Bianchi

[dropcaps round=”yes”]42 [/dropcaps]Heather Bianchi had a great year being featured with good friend C.E.Wiley, SHOW Magazine as well as several other publications.



[dropcaps round=”yes”]41 [/dropcaps]Kikikayo, sexy eyes, amazing body. Nuff Said. She was featured just about everywhere. Her latest being featured in SHOW Magazine.


Catya Washington

[dropcaps round=”yes”]40 [/dropcaps]Ms Cat was featured in SHOW Mag at the beginning of the year and did some sexy shoots with Dynasty Series and Straight Stuntin.


Marissa D

[dropcaps round=”yes”]39 [/dropcaps]The lovely Marissa D is a new cutie that hit the scene in at the end of 2013. Love her look and style. She was featured as XXL’s Web candy of the week.


Latifa Drinks

[dropcaps round=”yes”]38 [/dropcaps]The sexy Latifa Drinks was a new face in 2013. She was quickly featured in several magazines and online websites.


Flame Emin

[dropcaps round=”yes”]37 [/dropcaps]Flame Emin has been a big hit on CC. Model and Fitness expert she is making big waves with her brand.


Andrea Marie

[dropcaps round=”yes”]36 [/dropcaps]Andrea Marie is one popular lady. Despite taking a hiatus for most of 2013, she still ranked on of the highest in search results.



[dropcaps round=”yes”]35 [/dropcaps]Tehmeena’s brand as big as ever and popularity keeps growing. Featured in Maxim, Playboy.


Ooh Natasha

[dropcaps round=”yes”]34 [/dropcaps]The sexy OohNatasha was featured in 504 Dymes Magazine, Mixed Magazine and several other web publications.


Annie Rocq

[dropcaps round=”yes”]33 [/dropcaps]Ms Rocq if you nasty. Featured in Blackmen, Sweets Magazine and shot with several top line photographers.



[dropcaps round=”yes”]32 [/dropcaps]Kimbella was featured in SHOW Magazine, and did several photoshoots with DynastySeries. Kimbellas World is doing quite fine.


Leesa Unique

[dropcaps round=”yes”]31 [/dropcaps]Leesa Unique’s exotic looks make her a hot follow on Twitter and Instagram. Featured in King, SHOW and Blackmen.


Lois Shine

[dropcaps round=”yes”]30 [/dropcaps]Lois Shine the cutie from France hit CC by storm in 2013. She was an instant hit. She shot alot of great photos with LX Photos.


Heather Shanholtz

[dropcaps round=”yes”]29 [/dropcaps]Sexy Heather Shanholtz was featured in several magazines including SHOW Magazine,Glam Magazine.


Egypt Selinda

[dropcaps round=”yes”]28 [/dropcaps]Egypt Selinda is just HOT. Featured in SHOW Mag, and did a sizzling hot video on WSHH. She also did special features on DynastySeries.


Beautifull April

[dropcaps round=”yes”]27 [/dropcaps]Beautifull April did a feature on SHOW Magazine and several other online mags. The Beautifull one has been bustin her butt working out lately and is looking even sexier.


Destiny Moore

[dropcaps round=”yes”]26 [/dropcaps]The sexy Destiny Moore was featured in ShyGirl Magazine and did features for Dynastyseries.


Carriece Washington

[dropcaps round=”yes”]25 [/dropcaps]Miss Sho-N-Tell was a fan favorite in 2013. She packs alot into a 4-11 frame.


Elke the Stallion

[dropcaps round=”yes”]24 [/dropcaps]Elke the Stallion had an amazing year. She was one of the most searched video vixens of 2013. Featured in SHOW, Straight Stuntin and then she ended the year with a bang with a smoking hot video on WSHH.


Jasmine Adams

[dropcaps round=”yes”]23 [/dropcaps]Jasmine Adams made big on her brand. Always taking hot photos and giving you the absolute best. I guess that’s why she is a big favorite.


Cyn Santana

[dropcaps round=”yes”]22 [/dropcaps]Ms Cyn Santana the new addition to Love and Hip Hop, made things happen. Be on the look out for her feature in an upcoming SHOW Magazine.


Adella Pasos

[dropcaps round=”yes”]21 [/dropcaps]The fitness model Adellas Pasos kept it strong in the year. She is like the face of everything new and hot.


Erica Mena

[dropcaps round=”yes”]20 [/dropcaps]Erica Mena did it big. Featured in Love and Hip Hop, and several magazines.


Kari Novelli

[dropcaps round=”yes”]19 [/dropcaps]Kari Novelli was one of the fastest rising stars. Its easy to see why.



[dropcaps round=”yes”]18 [/dropcaps]Deelishis made a huge comeback in 2013 being featured in SHOW,Straight Stuntin, and Smooth Magazine.


Jenna Shea

[dropcaps round=”yes”]17 [/dropcaps]Jenna Shea was featured just about everywhere. She also made a sexy video on WSHH to end the year.


Kyra Chaos

[dropcaps round=”yes”]16 [/dropcaps]The lovely Kyra Choas was featured in Blackmen Magazine, SHOW, and several other magazines. She also shot some great features on


Mayoli Sena

[dropcaps round=”yes”]15 [/dropcaps]Mayoli Sena was a big hit, being featured in Blackmen Mag, ShyGirl Mag and several featured on DynastySeries.



[dropcaps round=”yes”]14 [/dropcaps]Lshima was CC’s hottest new Cutie of 2013. She photos have been a huge hit amongst fans.


Bernice Burgos

[dropcaps round=”yes”]13 [/dropcaps]The lovely Bernice Burgos was featured several times on A big fan favorite.


Cubana Lust

[dropcaps round=”yes”]12 [/dropcaps]Cubana Lust has always been a major fan favorite. Ranks among the top of searched cuties.


Bria Myles

[dropcaps round=”yes”]11 [/dropcaps]Bria Myles a CC Legend. She post some of the hottest photos on her instagram.


Khrysti Hill

[dropcaps round=”yes”]10 [/dropcaps]Khrysti Hill has been top cutie seemingly forever. Fans can not get enough of her though. She was featured in Dynasty series and Straight Stuntin.



Jasmine Cadavid

[dropcaps round=”yes”]9 [/dropcaps]Jasmin Cadavid’s sexy and exotic looks have put her in nearly every magazine in 2013. She shoots regularly with the crew at DynastySeries and each exclusive is always gets hotter!


Sheneka Adams

[dropcaps round=”yes”]8 [/dropcaps]Sheneka Adams brand has really grown. Branching off into tv and radio. Sheneka is alot more than just a pretty face.


Miracle Watts

[dropcaps round=”yes”]7 [/dropcaps]Miracle Watts had an amazing year.. Being featured in SHOW,Blackmen and many times with Facet Studios.


Maliah Michel

[dropcaps round=”yes”]6 [/dropcaps]The legendary Maliah Michel always keeps the net a buzz with her amazing photos.


Charm Killings

[dropcaps round=”yes”]5 [/dropcaps]Charm Killings was a hot all year long. Featured in all the major magazines and videos.

Winny Munoz

[dropcaps round=”yes”]4 [/dropcaps]Winny Munoz otherwise known as ImBadder on twitter and instagram was a HUGE fan favorite. Her instagram posts were considered legendary as they popped up on community forums everywhere around the net.


Rosa Acosta

[dropcaps round=”yes”]3 [/dropcaps]There is no countdown that doesnt have Rosa Acosta in it. She was one of the highest searched vixens on CC and the internet for that matter.


Jessica Kylie

[dropcaps round=”yes”]2 [/dropcaps]Jessica Kylie formerly known as AkaMissRabbit. Differnt name, same amazing pressence. She was featured several magazines including Smooth Magazine (cover). Basically Jessica has been extremely popular on CC since she first arrived.


Ayisha Diaz

[dropcaps round=”yes”]1 [/dropcaps]Ayisha Diaz was named Cutie of the Year 2013-2014. Ayisha Diaz was just everywhere throughout the whole year. She made some AMAZING features on DynastySeries and generally has captivated everyone that has looked at her photos.









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