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Christine Lashawn – Jack Oat Photos

Christine Lashawn – Jack Oat Photos

Christine Lashawn – Jack Oat Photos

Hi my name is Christine I am 5 foot 8 with measurements of 34- 28- 40. I am into modeling because I love the fact that I can express myself as well as inspire people at the same time I love all types of photo shoes except nudity and has not yet gotten comfortable with that yet inside nudity I am okay with I also love one way and promo modeling as well. I am available to travel depending on where and when but I am taking this seriously I want a career in modeling as well as acting. One thing that may be different about me I’m not doing this for the same I’m doing this because I really do want to become a positive role model for younger girls or anybody in general being that I have been through so much I feel like I can relate to a lot of females on a personal level.  if at the end of it all I have inspired at least one girl then I will feel accomplished.
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