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Lshima – Tennis Anyone – CC Exclusive

Lshima – Tennis Anyone – CC Exclusive

Lshima – Tennis Anyone – Cutiecentral Exclusive

With the success of last years Summer of Stunners featuring LShima, we knew we had to do it again this year. LShima is such a versatile model that was a good chance to show that she can do something high fashion as well as urban glamour. Her being really hot also has a lot to do with it 😉



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  • Pretty good set. Outfit #1 is really nice. I wish there could have been more pictures of outfit #2 besides that deliberately vague glare photo and the close up. And, this is kind of a personal thing, I have a pet peeve about sport themes shoots with heels instead of sneakers. Nothing against the photographer or the model (for the record I’ve been following Shima on social media for a few years), it’s just one of those things my suspension of disbelief can’t get past. Overall, I still liked the set.

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