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Why Angel Reese is the Agent Smith of the WNBA

Why Angel Reese is the Agent Smith of the WNBA


The WNBA is in the midst of its most popular season yet. A talented and intriguing set of rookies, led by Caitlin Clark, has captivated the league. Caitlin Clark is considered the superstar, the golden goose, the one. But with every great protagonist, you have to have an equal antagonist. Caitlin Clark is Neo, while Angel Reese is Agent Smith.

In this Matrix parallel, Neo was the savior but Agent Smith played a pivotal part in making Neo reach his full potential. With Caitlin and Angel, it all started in the NCAA Championship game back in 2023. Where Reese’s LSU Tigers beat Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes. That start it all. Angel even talks about in a recent interview.

Whether you agree or disagree with the level of impact Angel has brought to the league verses Caitlin, she is 100% correct on how it started. Angel Reese is the origin story in the movie of Caitlin Clark.

What most people have to understand, they do not have to be equal basketball players to have similar impact. Caitlin is a basketball savant. She is an all-time great college basketball player. Angel, while also being a great basketball player, is also extremely popular outside the game of basketball. Angel has near 7 million followers combined on all the major social media platforms. (Instagram, Tiktok, X) That makes her one of the most popular women’s athletes in the world, not just the WNBA. Being in SI Swimsuit, Vogue and spending her 22nd birthday at the Met Gala is something very few people have in their resume.

People love watching Caitlin, because of her Steph Curry-esque way of shooting the basketball. Angel brings that grit and dog mentality on the court while still being a Chi Barbie socialite off the court. It is not the same but can be considered equally as effective.


What we love the most about all of this, is that people also get to see others shine. People get to see how bad ass A’ja Wilson is. The walking triple double that is Alyssa Thomas and many more.

So whether you think Caitlin and Angel are the W’s version of Bird and Magic or Neo and Agent Smith, its great for everyone in the WNBA.

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